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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The MSR Dragonfly -- A Brief Overview

It's been a while since I've posted anything.

Here's a quick video on a stove that's stood the test of time, the MSR Dragonfly.  Notice that during the priming of the stove, there is no "fireball".  It takes some practice, but it is possible to prime a white gas stove without a fireball, particularly on a nice stove like the Dragon fly with it's really fine valve control.


  1. Sweet little unit. Been thinking about getting a white gas stove as a companion to my canister stove. For purposes of priming this unit, do you have to pour a little gas into the stove before opening the valve, or do you just open the valve to allow some liquid gas to flow into the burner area?

    1. You can do the latter. Just make sure there is pressure in the tank and you can open the valve for a quick moment and let a small amount of gas flow in. No need to pour anything around.

  2. Love mine. I did pick up an extra pump as I heard the original one could crack in cold temps rendering the stove useless. Other than than mine has been flawless. Oh and Remember to lube the pump cup :)