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Skyline Training Regimen

The following is the training regimen I followed leading up to my hike of the Skyline Trail on December 8, 2012.
  • Every Monday night -- "Intensity" hike.  Travel light and fast over a steep 2.5 hour loop.
  • Every Wednesday night -- "Quad builder" hike.  Four hour hike with loaded backpack (25lbs/11kg - 35lbs/16kg).
  • Every Saturday -- A more serious hike, frequently a full day hike.
  • Occasional full day hikes mid-week, schedule permitting.
  • Occasional backpacking trips.

Specific hikes completed in the 3 months leading up to Skyline:
  • Sept 1 - 3, Mammoth Labor Day Weekend -- a series of day hikes, carrying my daughter (30 lbs/13.5 kg).
  • Sept 8, San Gabriel Mountains, Mt Burnham (8997'/2742m) and Mt Baden-Powell (9406'/2867m), carrying my daughter.
  • Sept 12 - 14, San Gorgonio Wilderness, Bighorn Mountain (10,997'/3352m) and Dragon's Head Peak (10,866'/3312m), part of a 3 day backpack, solo.  5,000'/1500m of gain.
  • Sept 15, San Gorgonio Wilderness, Johns Meadow.
  • Sept 22, San Gabriel Mountains, Columbine Spring and Icehouse Saddle, carrying my daughter.
  • Sept 29, San Jacinto Mountains, Long Valley, carrying my daughter (more of a social event, but at least I got out).
  • Oct 5, San Gorgonio Wilderness, South Fork Santa Ana River, carrying my daughter.
  • Oct 6, San Bernardino Mountains, Big Falls AND Mountain Home Flats exploratory.
  • Oct 7, San Gorgonio Wilderness, Aspen Grove, carrying my daughter.
  • Oct 13, San Gabriel Mountains, San Antonio Ski Hut, carrying my daughter.
  • Oct 19 - 20, San Gorgonio Wilderness, Alto Diablo Peak (10,563’/3220m), part of a Momyer Creek Trail - Falls Creek Trail loop, 2 day backpack.  5,000'/1500m of gain.
  • Oct 26, San Gorgonio Wilderness, Vivian Creek Trail.
  • Nov 3, San Gabriel Mountains, Mount San Antonio (10,064'/3068m).  4,000'/1200m of gain.
  • Nov 8, San Jacinto Mountains, Wellman - Tamarack Loop.
  • Nov 10, San Gabriel Mountains, E Fork San Gabriel River.
  • Nov 16, San Jacinto Mountains, Newton Drury Peak (10,160'+/3096m+).  4,000'/1200m of gain.
  • Nov 23 - 24, San Gabriel Mountains, Henninger Flats Backpack, carrying my daughter.
  • Dec 1, San Gabriel Mountains, Henninger Flats Day Hike, carrying my daughter.
  • Dec 8, San Jacinto Mountains, Skyline Trail.  8,000'/2400m of gain.

I hope this list is helpful.



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  2. I found this very informative and insightful. I am coming out to San Diego next month to visit a relative. I plan on checking out the area/trail for an attempt next fall. Any suggestions?