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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Columbine Spring

Thank you all for your positive and encouraging comments regarding Day 1 (Bighorn Mountain and Dragon's Head) of my recent three day trip in the San Gorgonio Wilderness.

I'm getting laid off (later today), so I've been looking for work.    I haven't quite had the time I've wanted to finish posting the rest of my three day trip.  Soon!

In the mean time, I'll post something that's a bit less work to write up:  My recent day hike to Columbine Spring, a lovely little spot in the local mountains.  My daughter loved playing in the water.
Joyce at Columbine Spring
Here is a video of my daughter at Columbine Spring in Icehouse Canyon in the Cucamonga Wilderness in the San Gabriel Mountains in Southern California, USA.  Please enjoy.  :)



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    1. I got the "job" (contractor, not employee) in April. They did a re-org and decided to lay off all the contractors. Sigh.

  2. went backpacking up to kelly. great water source

    1. Reliable Columbine Spring is a real life saver, particularly since the little spring at Kelly Camp isn't reliable at all.


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